OFCCOM Hub USB Multi 3.0 Hub USB Splitter High Speed 4/7 Port All In One For PC Windows Macbook Computer Accessories

4 Ports USB2.0 25cm
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Brand Name: OFCCOM
Ports: 4
Standard: USB 3.0
Funtion: None
Interface Type: USB 3.0
Model Number: OF1505
Length: 25cm/60cm/120cm
Plug Standard: None
Package: Yes
Color: White/Black/Silver
Plug and Play: Yes
System: Windows XP/2000/Vista/WIN 7/8/10,Mac OS,etc
Tipo de interface: usb 2.0/usb3.0
Item Name: usb hub 2.0 /usb hub 3.0
USB Ports: 4 usb Ports/7 usb Ports
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