20W 28W Automatic Aquarium Water Changer Pump for Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner Cleaning Tool Sand Washer Filter Siphon 110v 220v

028 220v 28w
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Material: Plastic
Type: fish
Product: Aquarium water changer
Material: Plastic+copper
Power: 20W/28W
Rated voltage: 110v-240v(012)
Working voltage: 12V DC(012); 220v/110v(026 028)
Flow: 1000L/h; 1400L/h; 1700L/h
Lift: 3m; 1.2m; 1.5m
Max length: 120cm(012); 84cm(026 028)
Minimum length: 67cm(012); 54cm(026 028)
Power cord length: 5m(012); 3m(026 028)
Item: Fish tank cleaning tools
Type: Aquarium accessories