Penny Auctions
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Bidding is Simple, Winning is a Given


Wanna play? You need BidsCoins!

In order to place bids, you need BidsCoins in your account. Each coin is valued at $0.33. FREE BidsCoins are given through promotional event, so be on the lookout and share, share, share!

How to W-I-N!

Winning is as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Use your Bidscoins to play. Each placed bid increases the auction price by $0.01
  2. All auctions start at $0.00 – be the last bidder at the auction closing and you win – simple
  3. When you win an auction, all you pay is the auction closing price - that’s it! Example: If you win with a final price of $2.50, you pay $2.50 at check out and it’s all yours!

You lost an auction, but you
DON’T lose your money $$

If you buy Bidscoins, you never lose! All full-priced $0.33 Bidscoins used on a lost auction go towards your Prize Store points and can be used in the Prize Store. Use your prize store points to claim any prize – it’s a win-win!

You’ve Won!

All won items are added to your shopping cart. Items are reserved for 33 minutes from the time the auction ends. Just pay, sit back and relax. Your items will be delivered to you shortly!

The Prize Store

Use your BidsPoints to claim a prize from the Prize Store and turn lost auctions into amazing prizes! The more points you have, the more prizes you can claim!

Buy Now!

Do you absolutely love the item and want to avoid a bidding war? Get the item now by clicking the “Buy Now” button! You will have 33 minutes to complete checkout.

Did you bid on an item that you want to “Buy-Now”? Well, you get back all the BidsCoins you spent bidding on the auction. Buy now, get your bids back, and play more – double-the-fun!


Use our autobid feature if you desire. Simply set an auction price that you would like autobid to start engaging, as well as the amount of BidsCoins to be used. Remember, the minimum amount of bids allow on autobid are 3, with 33 being the maximum. Once the auction price hits your set price, lean back and relax as autobid bids on your behalf.

Reserved auctions

Some auctions might have a reserved price - playing is easy! If the auction price hits the reserve price and you are the last bidder at auction expiration, you win. Should the auction expire before the reserve price is reached, you get all your bids back that were placed in the said auction.