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Definitions of Bid, Bids, Bidding

Definitions (3)

1. General: Indication of willingness to buy or sell goods or services or to undertake a task, at a specific price and within a specific timeframe.

2. Contracting: Complete proposal (submitted in competition with other bidders) to execute specified job(s) within prescribed time, and not exceeding a proposed amount (that usually includes labor, equipment, and materials). The bid-receiving party may reject the bid, make a counter offer, or turn it into a binding contract by accepting it. See also offer and proposal.

3. Financial markets: Highest price at which prospective buyers are willing to buy commodities, foreign exchange, or securities.

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Definition of bid

1 a : the act of one who bids (see bid)

b : a statement of what one will give or take for something <is now accepting bids for the renovation project>; especially : an offer of a price <made a bid of $100 for the painting>

c : something offered as a bid

2 : an opportunity to bid

3 : invitation <a bid to join the sorority>

4 card games

a : an announcement of what a cardplayer proposes to undertake

b : the amount of such a bid <a 3-heart bid>

c : a bridge hand on which one may reasonably bid

5 : an attempt or effort to win, achieve, or attract <a bid for reelection>

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1. an act or instance of bidding.

2. Cards.

a an offer to make a specified number of points or to take a specified number of tricks.

b the amount of such an offer.

c the turn of a person to bid.

3. an invitation: a bid to join the club.

4. an attempt to attain some goal or purpose: a bid for election.

5. Also called bid price. Stock Exchange. the highest price a prospective buyer is willing to pay for a security at a given moment.

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1 [with object] Offer (a certain price) for something, especially at an auction: "a consortium of dealers bid a world record price for a snuff box"

[no object] "guests will bid for pieces of fine jewellery"

1.1 bid for[no object] (of a contractor) offer to do (work) for a stated price; tender for: "nineteen companies have indicated their intention to bid for the contract"

1.2 Bridge Make a statement during the auction undertaking to make (a certain number of tricks with a stated suit as trumps) if the bid is successful and one becomes the declarer: "North bids four hearts"

2 [no object] Make an effort or attempt to achieve:

[with infinitive] "she's now bidding to become a top female model" "the two forwards are bidding for places in the England side"

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